Frequently Asked Questions
There is more demand for low-income housing than Homes for Good can provide on its own. That’s where Section 8 comes in. If you qualify for Section 8 funds, you receive a voucher that pays for a portion of your rent at a home owned by a private landlord. The voucher stands in for cash as long as the rent amount is appropriate and the housing unit passes a Housing Quality Standard (HQS) inspection performed by Homes for Good. The amount of the voucher is set so that recipients will pay approximately 30% of their adjusted monthly income for rent and utilities. With certain restrictions, Homes for Good will pay the landlord the approximate difference between the tenant contribution and the full rental cost.
The waiting list depends on the number of bedrooms you need, and what area of the county you want to live. You can check the wait list here.
Homes for Good owns the public housing and we are the landlords. You pay us the rent. Homes for Good does the maintenance. For Section 8 you get a voucher that’s worth part of your rent, and then you find a landlord who accepts Section 8 and has been approved by Homes for Good. In Section 8 housing, the landlord is responsible for maintenance.
Rents are based on your income. They are set at 30% of adjusted, gross income. The exception to this are Firwood & Village Oaks, which both have reduced, but fixed, rent amounts.
We provide longer term housing and we work on a first come, first served basis. There are other resources available for emergency situations. Learn more here.
Please or call Homes for Good to get specifics about your application.

If you are using a Section 8 voucher, you should check with your landlord.

If you live in a Homes for Good-owned unit, please fill out a pet application. You must wait for approval before you bring the pet home. If you want a service/companion animal, your doctor will doctor will need to fill out a Reasonable Accommodation (RA) saying why it is medically necessary for you to have the pet. Companion-only pets require a $150 deposit. RA/service pets have no deposit but must follow the same rules.

Click here to find a property you wish to apply for, and then click on that property’s page to find the application (if the wait list is currently open). Or, click here to see a list of all of the applications which are currently open.
Home's For Good housing assistance programs are designed to help low-income families and individuals. Each program has its own eligibility guidelines. Your household income (Allowable Gross Annual Income) must not exceed the limits of the following table if you wish to qualify for. You can choose to apply for one or both programs based on your situation.