Vacancy and Wait Time on the Wait List How Vacancy Affects Wait Times:

Homes for Good is actively building new homes in Lane County, but there is still high demand for our existing housing. Admission to Public Housing and Affordable Housing programs depend on vacancies. It’s hard to predict wait times because someone must move out before someone new can move in. Average annual vacancy rates estimate how long someone will be on the wait list, but isn’t an exact timeline. See the table below for average vacancy list for each of our properties. Larger communities do tend to have more vacancies every year.

How Local Preference Affect Wait Times:

Local Preference placement and referrals also affect someone’s time on a wait list. In many programs, local preferences referrals are served before the next person on the wait list. This may extend someone’s wait on the general wait list. This may also be why someone with a low number on a new housing waiting list is not served immediately. To learn more about Local Preference Referrals click here.

An Example:

Someone applies to both the Parkview Terrace one-bedroom waiting list and the McKenzie Village one-bedroom waiting list. Parkview Terrace has 129 one-bedroom apartments, and on average over the past ten years, has seen about 12 vacancies a year. McKenzie Village however only has 44 one-bedroom duplexes, and on average over the past ten years, has seen about 3 vacancies a year. This means that if someone was #5 on both the Parkview Terrace one-bedroom waitlist, and #5 on the McKenzie Village one-bedroom wait list they most likely would be offered a unit at Parkview Terrace first, due to the number of vacancies historically. They, however, could be offered a unit at McKenzie Village first if the number of Local Preferences referrals at Parkview Terrace filled the vacancies before applicants are taken from the wait list.

How many vacancies are there usually each year? Please note: For some properties we do not have information on how many vacancies there usually are in a year. We don’t have this information because the properties are too new. As data is collected, we will update the website.
Housing Community 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4-Bedroom
Riverview Terrace
60 Units
Cresview Villa
34 Units
Maplewood Meadows
38 Units
6 0 or 1
Parkview Terrace
150 Units
12 2
Abbie Lane Courts
25 Units
1 2 or 3
Firwood Apartments
90 Units
15 3 or 4
Fourteen Pines
65 Units
2 or 3 8 2
Village Oaks
67 Units
1 9 3
Laurelwood Homes
29 Units
1 3 1 or 2 1
Lindeborg Place
40 Units
McKenzie Village
172 Units
6 14 6
Pengra Court
22 Units
2 1
Veneta Scattered Sites
50 Units
0 or 1 3 0 or 1
Veneta Villa
20 Units
3 0 or 1