Section 8: Transfers and Portability

Vouchers are issued as a “tenant-based” subsidy which means the rental assistance is mobile and follows the family, so it may be transferred to any city or state the tenant chooses to live. This is what’s meant by “portability” or “porting” your voucher. The following is a list of procedures you must follow and information you need to be aware of when transferring to another Housing Authority.

If you are a victim of domestic violence:

Homes for Good adopts the following policy to help ensure that all actual and potential beneficiaries of the Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 program are aware of their rights under the Violence Against Women Act. If you are a victim of domestic violence or think the Violence Against Women Act applies to you, and you wish to use your rights under VAWA, find the necessary documents under Section 8 Forms and Policies here .

If you are moving to another county or state:
  1. Contact your Housing Specialist to see if you are eligible to transfer your assistance to another housing authority. We must receive a copy of a valid moving notice between you and your landlord. Please note that if you are in the first year of your lease and the landlord will not allow an early release, you may not move with the subsidy.
  2. In order to be approved for a port-out:
    • You cannot have an active Tenant Repayment Agreement (TRA). Tenants must pay any pending TRA in full before porting out.
    • If you are a new participant of the Section 8 program, you must meet the residency requirements set for Lane County. If neither the Head of Household nor the Spouse/Co-Head had a legal residence in Lane County at the time application for assistance was submitted, you must reside in Lane County under the program for at least 12 months before requesting portability.
    • You must be able to qualify under the new location’s income limits if you are new to the Section 8 program.
  3. Once you are determined eligible, your Housing Specialist will give your file to the Portability Coordinator to complete your port-out request. When you contact the Portability Coordinator at 541-682-2557, please be ready to provide the name of the state, county, or town where you want to transfer to. The voucher will be valid for 120 days. During these 120 days you must contact the new housing agency, comply with their requirements for moving there, find a new unit, and submit the necessary paperwork. If you do not comply with the new housing agency's requirements and submit paperwork within the 120 days, your voucher will be cancelled and you will need to reapply for housing assistance.
  4. The Portability Coordinator will send all the required documents via email or fax to the Housing Authority you have identified on the Portability Request form.
  5. It is your responsibility to contact the new Housing Authority to schedule an intake appointment. Only after you have followed the new housing authority’s guidelines and been determined income eligible will you receive housing assistance.
  6. Be sure to leave your current unit in good condition and no money owing to your landlord. Violations of your lease and the Housing Authority's Family Obligations can result in termination of your assistance even after you have moved out. If you decide NOT to move out of Lane County, you must call 541-682-2557 to notify the Portability Coordinator about your decision to cancel your Port-Out request immediately. You must also contact your Housing Specialist to complete the transfer process to rent a unit within Lane County. The 120 days on your voucher will not be extended, and if you do not complete the process within that time you will lose your housing assistance.
Coming to Lane County from Another Jurisdiction?

If you are currently on the Section 8 program and wish to port your Section 8 subsidy to Lane County from another location, you must first contact your local housing agency and request a portability transfer to this area. If your transfer is approved by your current housing agency, paperwork to that effect will be sent to Homes for Good and your intake process can begin. DO NOT leave your current area without first informing your landlord and the housing agency.

When you know we have received the paperwork, you may contact our Intake Coordinator, at 541-682-2557 or . The intake process for port-in transfers is as follows:

  1. Portability paperwork must be received from the originating housing agency before transfer process can begin.
  2. After paperwork arrives, an intake interview is scheduled. Intake interviews take place in person at the main office at 100 W 13th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401.
  3. Paperwork is completed and documents are reviewed for local eligibility during intake appointment.
  4. Upon successful completion of intake, you will receive a voucher for Lane County and paperwork to initiate the housing search.
  5. Homes for Good pays rent based on the inspection pass date, when you take possession of the unit, or the date following the last day rent is paid on your prior unit – whichever comes last.