Bid Opportunities When it comes to developing and renovating residential communities, Homes for Good means business. In our efforts to provide housing and support services, Homes for Good frequently contracts work to our business community. We strive for a fair, efficient, and open bidding process.
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Open Bid Opportunities
Sorry, there are currently no open bid opportunities.
Closed Bid Opportunities
Service Center Security Fence
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Pre Bid_Agenda_with_questions 20220428_Homes for Good_Service Center Security Fence_Permit and Bid Drawings
The Art Initiative: Artwork for The Nel
Closed   Details
Capital Fund 5 Year Action Plan (2022-2026)
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5YAP 22 26 for publishing
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Routine Professional Janitorial Services
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Routine Professional Janitorial Services Addendum TWO 1 Addendum TWO Exhibit A Professional Janitorial Services Addendum ONE
Naval Reserve Site and Florence: Quince Street
Closed   Details
Appendix F Section 3 Old Rule vs New Rule Addendum 2 RFP Deadline Extension Appendix B MWESB Clause Appendix D MWESB Acknowledgement and Certification Appendix C OHCS MWESB Compliance Manual Addendum 1 Question and Answer Appendix E Section 3 Acknowledgement and Certification Appendix A General Conditions Cost Worksheet
Professional Landscaping Services
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Q&A Exhibit B 3 US Lawns Contract Landscaping QA Q&A Exhibit B2 ProGrass Contract RFP Landscaping Addendum ONE Exhibit A HFG All Site Location Property Contact Q&A Exhibit B1 Medallion Contract