Rent Well Tenant Education Class Rent Well website About the Class

Rent Well is a 15-hour tenant education program that provides individuals with the support, knowledge, and expertise they need to become successful renters.

Topics that are covered in the course include:

  • Responsibilities as a tenant
  • Landlord - Tenant Law
  • Fair Housing Law
  • Housing navigation
  • Identifying & overcoming barriers to renting

Many individuals looking to take Rent Well have been denied housing multiple times and come to this class to figure out how to get past that. Some individuals are working with case managers who enroll them into the class while others may be first-time renters who’ve never read their lease agreement before and want to be prepared.

  • Rent Well students not only learn tools to help them maintain stable housing in the future, they also get to see a copy of their rental background report, similar to the one a landlord would see and base rental decisions on. Students also create a personalized housing portfolio to present to potential landlords and provides them with more information about their background and strengths. Lastly, eligible graduates get to offer potential landlords the opportunity to register a Landlord Incentive Program which is paired with the Rent Well graduation certificate.

Upon graduation, students will have completed a rental portfolio to assist in their housing search, receive a certificate of completion, and may be eligible for the Landlord Incentive Fund.

Class Offerings

Homes for Good strives to host Rent Well classes quarterly. Class times rotate between weekday morning, afternoon, and evenings dependent on the quarter. Some quarters classes are held in person at the Homes for Good service center, while others are hosted via Zoom. Participants must sign up in advance and attend all scheduled classes in a series to graduate from the course.

Rent Well is open to anyone in our community, but preference is given to Homes for Good program participants if class sizes need to be limited.

Signing up for Classes

If you want more information on our next Rent Well class, or to sign up, contact our resident services team.

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