Section 8 Homeownership

The Section 8 Homeownership program requires that you are currently in the Section 8 program. The program allows you to use the Section 8 voucher, but instead of using the funds toward rent, you use it to help pay your mortgage. Additional requirements to participate are:

  • Attend a Section 8 Homeownership information session (normally held once a year).
  • Attend financial education and homeownership classes.
  • Be approved for a mortgage on your own (Homes for Good is not on your loan).
  • Save 3% of the purchase price for a down payment.
  • Meet federal minimum employment and income guidelines if not disabled.
  • Find a home to buy that passes a Homes for Good inspection and where the mortgage payment and the utilities are still within Homes for Good payment standards.

For more information, sign up for the next Section 8 Homeownership information session by calling our Resident Services Line at (541) 682-2580 or by submitting the form below.

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