Partnership Opportunities The Homes for Good Real Estate Development (RED) department is responsible for building, preserving and managing low-income housing across Lane County. The RED department leverages local, state, federal and private funding in order to construct new, and preserve existing, affordable housing in Lane County. The RED department is committed to the construction of buildings that are energy-efficient, well-designed, service-enriched, and that enhance the surrounding neighborhood. We partner with local and state organizations who want to help us create housing that is affordable in Lane County. Funding Partners

The department relies on state, local, and federal programs as well as contributions from private funders to provide capital for affordable housing development.

Some major contributors include:

Recent Tax Credit Investors Include:

Service Providers

The Homes for Good RED department partners with a variety of service providers to enrich the lives of our residents.These services are catered to the specific needs of the project and provide residents support in an accessible way.

Some major service providers include:

Major Contractors and Architect Teams

For each project, a development team is formed that has the expertise necessary to successfully navigate the development process to construction completion.

Major development team members in over the last few years include: