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Property Manager Contacts

Homes for Good Residents – below you will find the contact information for your Property Manager and Assistant Property Manager.

Please contact your Property Manager directly for issues such as; how to use your or clean your appliances, complaints, lease questions, absences from your unit or other similar questions.

Please contact your Assistant Property Manager for questions regarding your rent, annual re-certifications and income or household composition changes. Applicants should contact our office (541) 682-3755.

To speak to a program manager, please contact Andrea Bishop at (541) 682-2596.

Housing Site Property Manager Assistant Property Manager Resident Services Specialist
Parkview Terrace
Lindeborg Place
Veneta Villa
Veneta Scattered Sites
Nicole Tarricone
(541) 682-2591
Gloria Estrada
(541) 682-3834
Jose Zarate
(541) 682-2564
McKenzie Village
Scatterd Sites
Maplewood Meadows
Pengra Court
Maryanne Bussey
(541) 682-2569
Brandon Hansen
(541) 682-2531
Jazzmen Vega-Heath
(541) 682-27829
Riverview Terrace
Cresview Villa
Legion Cottages
Laurelwood Homes
Travis Baker
(541) 682-2595
Jennifer Sparks
(541) 682-2611
Allie Gay
(541) 682-2616
Village Oaks
14 Pines
Abbie Lane
Allie Schwartz
(541) 682-2573
Amber Garrett
(541) 682-2534
Allie Gay
(541) 682-2616