What We Do
  • Provide the rental assistance vouchers that more than 3,000 Lane County residents use to help pay the rent at Section 8-approved housing. We work with the federal government to provide these funds. The homes are privately owned and independently managed.
  • Help veterans, seniors and people with disabilities find and secure affordable housing either through a Homes for Good unit, or through a specialized provider.
  • Match low-income residents with public and assisted housing units. We own these houses, duplexes and apartment buildings and our residents pay rents that are set based on a percentage of their income.
  • Partner with other community organizations and non-profits to build, finance and develop affordable housing.
  • Connect residents with self-sufficiency programs and wellness supports.
  • Work with the low-income community to provide help with weatherization improvements that lower utility bills and keep homes more comfortable.
  • Raise awareness about the need for low-income and affordable housing in Lane County.