Board Materials The Homes for Good Board of Commissioners meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month with the exception of down weeks identified by Lane County administration, in which the meetings are scheduled for the 3rd or 2nd Wednesday of the month.

The meetings will take place the via Zoom until unless otherwise specified in the meeting Agenda. The link to the meeting will be published with the agenda one week in advance of the meeting.

All decisions by the board must be taken in a publicly noticed meeting and in a session that is open to the public. Additional information about public meetings can be found in the Attorney General’s Public Records and Meetings Manual (2014) and can be viewed online here. Homes for Good board meetings are subject to Oregon’s Public Records Law, if you would like to request a document that is subject to a Public Records Request, please fill out a request here.

You can access recent meeting agendas, minutes and board orders below.


For previous years' agendas, minutes, board orders and board materials please refer to the Lane County website

Board Orders and Approved Minutes
Wednesday, January 24th
Wednesday, Feburary 28th
Wednesday, March 20th
Wednesday, March 27th
Wednesday, May 22nd
Wednesday, June 26th
Wednesday, January 25th
Wednesday, Feburary 22nd
Wednesday, March 29th
Wednesday, April 26th
Wednesday, May 31st
Wednesday, June 28th
Wednesday, July 26th
Wednesday, August 30th
Wednesday, September 27th
Wednesday, October 25th
Wednesday, December 20th
Wednesday, January 26th
Wednesday, Feburary 23rd
Wednesday, March 30th
Wednesday, April 27th
Wednesday, May 25th
Wednesday, June 22nd
Wednesday, July 27th
Wednesday, August 24th
Wednesday, September 28th
Wednesday, October 26th
Friday, November 18th
Wednesday, December 14th